4 Ways To Market Your Business At Exhibitions

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Marketing in events might not be very easy but if you are creative enough there will be a lot of benefits. Using these methods will surely make a difference.Exhibitions are a great platform for marketing and there are a lot of opportunities available. Depending on the type of people attending your business can benefit from finding new customers all the way to new long-term partners. However, an exhibition can be loud and have a lot of distractions so it is important you focus on your marketing. Here are some methods you can use to market your business at exhibitions.

Your Stall

Your stall will be your biggest and most expensive asset at the exhibition and you need to be able to get the most out of it. Most exhibition organisers will give you a basic stall but try to make sure that it grabs people’s attention. You might have to use signage, lights or anything else to stand out among everything else and this will bring people to you. Once they are in your stall make sure to make them remember you once they go home. Something as simple as a pen or promotional shopping bags can help you out with this.

Things you hand out

People rarely get the chance to really pay attention to something while they are at the exhibition and they do most of their thinking away from your stall. Because of this, it is very important to give them something to take with them. Although an informative flyer is very important, paring it up with calico bags with your branding on it will help you grab the attention and be remembered more. However, make sure the things you hand out are affordable to you and would actually do you some good.

Collect a database

Information is a powerful tool especially when it comes to marketing and people spend a lot of money on it. During an exhibition, you are face to face with potential customers so use this opportunity to create a database that you can use for marketing. Email addresses, home addresses are all good ways to get in touch with your audience and if you can entice your visitors to give you their information you will have a higher chance of turning them into customers.

Make them come back

The process of creating a loyal customer is not something that happens from a single visit. In order to make sure you have a loyal customer, you need to work on them doing business with you at least three times. Make the exhibition a tool to make them come again. Using methods like discounts, loyalty cards can really make a difference.Exhibitions are a great form of marketing and if done well can be great for a business. Use these methods at your next exhibition and you will see results.

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