Designing Your Australian Beach Home

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Beach home is all about the blend of indoor life with the beach life. You cannot expect that you will not head to the beach for a sudden walk when your home is near the beach giving you a wide view of the ocean and surroundings. Though it is really connected to the beach life, it does not mean that all the things will be inspired by the beach. Rather a beach house should help you pick selective inspiration from the ocean and beach to blend it within the house. This blog is going to give you some tips on how to design a beach house.

Australian beach house is basically a weatherboard construction. These houses build by custom home builders Brisbane are usually painted with light hues or white. The gables of the house are high with tiles. In the interior the heights of the roof can be a mix. The heights can be different in different places, like the roof of the living space can soar to rafters. The windows of a beach house are always special. You will never like a window in a beach house that does not allow you to sit and watch the ocean waves in moonlight. The beach is full of natural light and air. Now, a beach house must be flooded with natural lights. That is why the windows must be big enough while also stopping sunlight from heating the house.

Tell your requirements or idea clearly to your selected builders Ascot to get the best designed home.In a beach house the outside is an integral part of the indoor areas. It can bring you closer to nature. Garage, stacking, folding doors can open up your indoor space to the garden. It is important that your kitchen has the same opening to the backyard. It will give an access to the barbeque area and the entertaining area. It will be easy for you to be a part of the enjoyment while you are still preparing to serve the food. There is no need to come and go from the kitchen. You can easily hand over foods and drinks to the people out of the kitchen.

Beach home does not mean that your house will be dirty with beach sand. It is important to make sure that everyone is free of dirt when they enter the house. So, always make a bath that will be accessed from the back or front of the house. Crossing the living room and other areas to reach the bath will definitely make your home dirty. So, make a bath outside your home to keep your home clean and fresh.

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