Making The Best Of Solar Energy To Become An Eco-friendly Household

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There are a number of terms such as eco-friendly, greener, sustainable and energy efficient which are used to define behaviors and activities that has a minimal impact on the planet, which in turn will give the users the benefit of reduced cost. Technological advancements of today has presented us with the opportunity to make use of various renewable sources of energy, and none of them more influential nor widely embraced as the power of the sun. The enormous ball of light that has nourished our planet since the dawn of time can now energize our homes to facilitate our modern needs. In this article, we will look into three such ways in which we can incorporate solar powered technologies to transform out households into eco-friendly establishments.

Installing solar panels

Research shows that usage of such panels to generate the energy requirement of an average household will help them reduce their carbon footprint by about 35,180 pounds, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 gas absorbed by about 90 trees. Considering the SolarEdge inverter price and the cost of installation, this can turn out to be an expensive endeavor, however, in a matter of years you will be able to recoup the money you spent in the form of major electricity bill savings. Another advantage is the ability of these units to store the surplus electricity that is produced to be used later. Local power grid of your area may even want to buy the surplus electricity in exchange for a fair amount of money and this will prove to be source of additional income for you in the long-run. Browse this website to find out more details.

Water heating

We need heated water on various areas of the house such as showerheads, radiators and faucets and the amount of electricity we spend on meeting this requirement each month is shockingly high. A state of the art solar hot water system Perth will help you eliminate the monthly expense you incur after using the power from the local grid, by giving you the ability to heat your water using a unit of your very own. The unit works by harnessing the heat of the sun using a collector tray that later conducts this heat to a reserve tank which is filled with water. This water gets heated and is transferred to any area of your home where it is needed. Installation and the equipment are much cheaper than solar panels and therefore, is a great way for you to start you journey towards becoming a fully eco-friendly establishment.

A solar oven

This is the perfect solution for those of you who do not wish to make any major investments towards becoming greener right now, but want to save a few bucks that you would otherwise spend on electricity. Ovens consume a lot of energy and is an appliance that is used for a number of purposes. A simple oven that uses sun’s heat to keep your food items warm is a great alternative that will cut down the electrical oven usage by about half. You may even make the preparation of such a unit a DIY project to be undertaken during the weekend, using a few simple materials.

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