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If you are building a brand new home or simply renovating it, the type of floor to use is the biggest choice you must make. There are many options to be considered with home flooring like the beauty it adds to your home, softness of the floor to walk on, resistance to water and scratches, the durability of the flooring for years to come and the budget. Here are some types of flooring and all about it.

CarpetsCarpets are the most comfortable flooring and gives the room a soft look. The price is pretty decent and affordable. Installation is quick and easy because it doesn’t require a smooth surface to go over. But the biggest con is that carpets are not resistant to stain. Dirt collects underneath so it isn’t ideally hygienic especially to people with allergies. It must also be heavily vacuumed often.

HardwoodsThis is the most popular flooring because of the stylish and good look. It’s easy to clean and maintain. But its costly to purchase and install. Hardwood is also loud to walk on and can be easily damaged by too much water so high traffic areas must be refinished regularly.

Floor CoatingsFloor Coatings are no more for only garages or industrial floors. concrete epoxy coating in Melbourne is trendy, easily maintainable and durable. These floors can be used in high traffic parts of your home and are very easy to clean. It also has anti slip properties making it a safe home for your children. It takes a few days to install and brightens the place. These products have a wide range of options regarding application, decoration and colors. This is also an eco friendly option because it doesn’t have to be regularly replaced so less consumption of natural resources.

TilesTiles are available in many textures such as granite, ceramic, marble, porcelain and slate. It is relatively a cheap option although professional installation is expensive. Tiles like flake flooring in Melbourne has a huge variety of colors and combinations to choose from. It’s durable and water resistant so it lasts long. But tiles can get too cold and hard to walk on. It can crack and be difficult to replace. Grout must be cleaned regularly or it will stain.

LaminateIt’s cost effective and easy to install as it doesn’t need a smooth surface to be spread over. The main pro is that it’s scratch resistant and soft on the feet. Since it isn’t water resistant and cannot be refinished it may not be a wise choice for your entire home.flake-flooring

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