Roller Garage Door Vs Sectional Garage Door

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If you are someone who plans on getting a garage door installed for your garage, I am pretty sure it must have occurred to you that out of all the options and mainly from the roller garage doors and sectional garage door, which one turns out to be the best. Now this isn’t something which is easy to decide as it totally depends on what you expect from your garage door. It is due to this we have laid down some of the comparisons of the both which will help you decide which garage door to go for.

1. Mechanism

The mechanism of sectional garage door and roller garage door are similar as they both are opened vertically and not requires to be opened swinging outwards. This option is best for those who have limited garage spaces. The difference however, comes in the way they open. Sectional garage doors when opened slide back to the ceiling whereas, roller garage doors rolls back into the barrel that is mounted at the ceiling.

2. Size

Talking about the size of both the garage doors, not that both works just fine for a standard garage. But, if you need a garage door for a double garage or a huge parking space, then sectional garage door should be your option as they have a maximum width of up to 8 meters. 

3. Design

For many, the look of the garage matters a lot, whereas for some, they just need a quality garage door for the purpose of security and saving the vehicles from the harsh weather. If you have a garage that can be viewed by almost everyone, then it is indeed important for you to consider the design factor when purchasing a garage door. When it comes to design, roller garage doors don’t come in much of a variety but comes in different colors, whereas, sectional garage doors come in different grain effects, panel designs, materials and a huge range of colors to choose from.

4. Insulation

If good insulation options are your benchmark for choosing a garage door, note that a roller garage door comes in a single skin which means that it doesn’t offer much of an insulation feature whereas, a sectional garage door comes with a double skin door which are best for protection and come up with an insulation edge when compared to the other option.

5. Security

When it comes to security, one cannot be sure ever if either of the options will work best or not. But a double skinned door which comes in a sectional garage door is a far better option in terms of security as it will be a big challenge for any thief.

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