What To Buy For A Guy Who’s Got It All

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You know we all have that one friend that seems to have it all. The latest Gucci? Got it. The first poster of the titanic? Got it. A ticket to a BTS concert? Got it (oh how we wish we could say that!). Nonetheless when it comes to buying gifts for such persons, especially when it is a guy, the gifting hunting task just becomes even more harder than it already is. But don’t fret, here are some ideas you could use to gift that guy who has it all! champagne glasses

A fancy man-soap-pack

Who says that soap packs are only meant for women? Think out of the box and shop online or visit a store to find that soap pack designed specifically for men. So when you are not sure of what birthday gifts for him to buy, you could always gift this pack that includes a shampoo, exfoliating body wash and conditioner. What’s even better is that these are designed with special scents. So if you are looking for that citrus refreshing scent kind, you could always easily hunt down one!

Something green

Greens are always known to be calming, relaxing and stress relieving. It is not only the wonder and power of the color but even in the form of plants and shrubs, these do a wonderful job. Simply looking at it, could clear your mind off of whatever that is troubling you. So instead of hunting down best champagne glasses that could lead to more headaches and stress, gift a waterproofed plant instead. You could go for the hanging kind to make it not only a calming accessory but to also beautify the plain walls!

The unbreakable phone cover

Although we all have phone covers adorning and protecting our babies from the cold hard floor that is waiting for a destructible hug, sometimes they aren’t the best ones, and so it may need other extra layers of protection as well. So for a friend that has it all, you could always buy such an unbreakable phone case that is water proof, dirt proof and even floor proof with no covering in the form of glass or plastic disturbing the front screen. So basically he can use it in ease and protect it as well!

An engraved board

If your friend is someone that is really interested in cooking and food, then an engraved cutting board would be the ideal gift to give. Choose a unique board and have it engraved with your friend’s name, so that every time he uses it he would remember the amazing and thoughtful friend he has.

A tie bar

Although most people would buy a cool pair of cufflinks, these tie bars are more or less disregarded. However, it is these tie bars that helps a well-dressed man to stand out like a gentleman. So shop for a uniquely designed tie bar to gift your friend.
Use the above ideas and gift the ideal gift that matches your friend!

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