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When it comes to buying a product, people are more towards buying a thing that has got some design. We all human loves what we see and most of the times our purchases depend upon the outer attraction of the box of a product. We never wanted to buy a thing which does not at all look attractive. So, if we see from a consumer’s perspective then the consumer will necessarily buy a thing which can further be used. For example, a jar of Nutella. After finishing and licking the last bite of it we usually use the glass bottle to keep leftover things in the refrigerator. Same goes for all the products. A woman buying decision is widely dependent upon this feature. The outer packaging of the product should be eye-catchy a person cannot give a single second of thought before grabbing it and putting in the shopping trolley. 

Outerspace.co has been into a packaging business for a long time. We are operations in two big countries UK and USA. Our motive is to provide services and help companies in https://www.outerspace.co/medical-2/. We have a huge team who has been busy in making creative and unique designs for the clients.  

Why Packaging is important: mechanical-design
Now, the question arises here is that why the product packaging design is important? The answer to this question is that our eyes see first and then it gives a signal to the brain whether we should buy such a product or not. We never tend to buy a product which is not attractive at all until and unless if that product comes in our basic needs of daily life, we can compromise on design only in this condition. 

  • Product design packaging: 
    Following are the prominent features that we keep in our mind while designing the packaging of a product. 
  • Target market: 
    First, we find out our target audience. This factor is so important like we cannot offer a touch of ketchup to the restaurants even it is handy but we specially design bottle ketchup for them because it looks good on the table.  
  • Needs and Demands: 
    A second important feature which we keep into consideration for product design is the needs and demands of the end customers. For example, an oil company wants us to make customized designs for the packaging of oil for households and restaurants. So, we design the packaging of the product accordingly. We make gallons of oil for restaurants and for household we make a beautiful jar of 1, 5 and 10 litres. 
  • Eye catchy:   
    The design, colour, shapes even each and everything regarding the product should be eye-catchy so that it looks perfect on the shelves and you tend to buy even if that product is not in the grocery list. 

In short, we say the sales of the product is directly proportional to the design of the packaging. When it comes to a packaging quality takes a secondary position. 

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